What we do

Our mission is to produce Polish hazelnuts of the highest quality and taste, and to promote our hazelnuts worldwide.

Production is focused on whole and crushed roasted hazelnuts, flour, roasted hazelnut oil, hazelnuts spreads. We pack our products in simple packaging so that their content is the most important. In February 2018, our farm was included in the organic farming control system.

How have we gained experience?

We rely on the experience we have gained in the field of medicine, finance and food technology. We gain knowledge about the processing of hazelnuts from our own research carried out at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences as part of a doctoral dissertation. Our processing has been operating since 2016.

How does production look like?

We start the production chain on our farm with the cultivation of hazelnuts. We established the orchard in 2006. Since then, we have been learning how to manage trees, getting to know the varieties and making sure that our raw material meets the European requirements for hazelnuts in shell.

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Wysokie obcasy, Małgorzata Milian-Lewicka, 10.10.2020

Gospodarstwo Ludwik Majlert, O Tree Nuts

Prizes and awards for Tree Nuts®

  • Lubusz Golden Lovage for Tree Nuts® roasted hazelnut oil for the best product at the 2018 National Fair of Good Food and Life in Zielona Góra, Poland;
  • Gold Medal for Tree Nuts® roasted hazelnut oil at Natura Food 2018 in the natural product category, Łódź, Poland;
  • Award of the 3rd edition of KUKBUK Poleca for producers of exceptional food "for the fabulous taste of roasted hazelnuts, which awakens the senses and takes us to a hazel orchard as if by magic", Warsaw, Poland
  • Award Polish Agriculture Eagle 2019 of Wprost magazine
  • The 100% Polish Product 2019 award of the National Center for Agricultural Support, Poland Tastes and Magazine Do Rzeczy
  • Family company of the FFR Foundation, since 2019
  • The TOP PRODUCT certificate of the Appreciate Polish program for Tree Nuts® roasted hazelnuts 2018-2020


Tree Nuts

Zbigniew Ciemieniewski
Przetwórstwo Rolno-Spożywcze
Dzika 23 st.
43-215 Jankowice

Tax ID: PL9541599964
Online shop: +48 509 339 244
Producer: +48 515 394 021

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