Craft chocolate with hazelnuts

Craft chocolate with hazelnuts

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Unique craft chocolate from our befriended Beskid Chocolate filled to the brim with the highest quality Polish Tree Nuts hazelnuts. This combination is well known to all chocolate lovers. Chocolate covered nuts are a delicacy popular all over the world. This full and valuable snack is great as a dessert or as a sweet reward after a hard day. Hazelnuts are a concentrated source of nutrients, including magnesium, phosphorus, iron and zinc. They are a rich source of protein. Their basic health-promoting potential is based on the high content of unsaturated fatty acids. The recommended portion (handful) of hazelnuts provides over 100% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin E for an adult male. Chocolate covered nuts come from Polish orchards, amongs the other our family hazelnut orchard in Jankowice near Pszczyna.


Tree Nuts

Zbigniew Ciemieniewski
Przetwórstwo Rolno-Spożywcze
Dzika 23 st.
43-215 Jankowice

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